Gaelic football – surviving ancestor (and increasingly more “cheesy”) of collective games ‘classic’ today

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Irish care very much about their traditions. Therefore, not surprising that in Ireland survived, among others, sports practiced since the time of ancient Celtic obviously with the necessary modern adaptations. They call them Gaelic games, are four in number, and absolutely all enjoy a fantastic success in the country that has already declared national sports.

Perhaps the best known play Gaelic football. Named Peil, Peil or Caid Ghaelach, attract huge audiences Gaelic football in Ireland, a recent statistics showing that not less than 34% of total sports audience is brought to this ancient sport. In short, Peil is a sport similar to modern football and rugby, in which two teams of 15 players each try to score as many points in a gate identical to the football, equipped with extensions of bars, also outside of rugby. Players are allowed to hit the ball with any part of the body and even enroll by hand, but only when you throw the ball through the goal posts, in which case it scores a point. To enroll in the gate with a net player must shoot the ball to, although it can strike with fist, but without a catch in his hands. In this situation, it is considered that the player has scored 3 points. As in football, there is a goalkeeper who is trying to stop opponents shots. The winning team until the final marks the most points.

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