• Soccer Picks – 26.02.2020


    Match Picks Odds Result
    Lyon – Juventus 2 2.00
    Real Madrid – Manchester Citys BTS/YES 1.57
    Braga – Rangers 1 1.83
    Piracicaba – Juventude 1 2.20
    Maracena – Mancha BTS/YES 1.85


Doesn’t it frustrate you when you place maximum stakes on a top football team (who’s playing a right-at-the-bottom-of-the-table team) to win and the match ends in a miserable goalless draw? Or worse, your ‘invincible team’ is defeated by the underdog team. (Think Manchester United who drew with WBA 1-1 at home in the ’04-05 EPL season.) How could that have happened? Could it have been fixed?

Chances are, the match probably wasn’t fixed. But your bookie sure wasn’t all that surprised. He knew how and he definitely knew why. That’s why he’s still in the business. If he didn’t, he’d just throw all your bets out to another bookmaker and would be making peanuts. Well, too bad for him but…

One thing’s for sure, the big boys are in the know. They are the ones who come up with the odds for the market. Big bookies are armed with researchers, statisticians, analysts, psychologists and all kinds of handicappers.

They would get a decent picture of match results before the matches have started. What’s even more disturbing is that they would also probably know which teams you were gonna bet on before you even knew which team was playing which. (That’s what the psychologists are for.)