An Indian cricket betting is aimed wife and a lost

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Like the old Indian epic Mahabharata, where Yudhishthira bet his wife, Draupadi, and lose a fan of gambling in Govindnagar, India, he has staked his wife and lost it.

He bet on games in the Indian Premier League Twenty20 cricket tournament popular running annually in April and May.

If Europe this bet extreme would only occasion to joke beer in India it seems that the sense of ownership extends to human beings, so that partners Bet you luckless husband have claimed the win – and the matter has taken scale and became public. They proceeded to prowl the house damaging and began to harass the woman who neither knew the game was lost.

The situation came to the attention of social activists and then notify his wife, attention Politis who have registered the case and started looking for her husband who was hiding after everything was exposed.

Police investigated and learned that Indian was a drunk and a gambler compulsive bet all his and all that was left so they can remain in the game was the only wife. She told police that her husband was and selling house plans.

“His wife said that Contact and occasionally beating from her partner, and even he was forced to borrow money from her parents to feed their habits,” the investigators report.

“After he lost his wife in betting on matches of IPL, its partners began to give him circling the house and even to harass the woman on the phone. Feeling so threatened, she broke the silence and he husband complained to the police, “police say. “It is shocking, but luckily attackers did not have time to address to a molest or rape. The culprit must be sent behind bars, because it is a disgrace to society.”

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