Grass hockey, the national sport of India and Pakistan

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Globally, hockey on grass is the fourth most popular sport after soccer, basketball or cricket. You counterargument, perhaps, that this ranking is due to its development in a country-continent, including India, but allow me to think that even grass hockey deserves this top positioning. A very spectacular sport discipline, the technique must combine and synchronize with physical qualities. This would quintessence grass hockey, sport, at one time, in Romania through very well. Why was not the natural result, we see lines below.
Privilege of the bourgeoisie?

Absolutely accidentally fell into my hand a book about Romanian sport, published in 1970. The volume bears the signature of E. Ghibu and I. Todan and deals extensively with the emergence and development of each sport discipline practiced in Romania, up to that point. In total, the work includes 630 pages. Want to guess how many are allocated hockey on grass? I do not think you will succeed, so I elucidate you, telling you that … there are half a page for the sport.
After a few data on the occurrence of hockey on grass in Romania shall be recorded laconically that hockey grass was practiced until 1962. Nothing more. There is no specific explanation for the cessation of, after the date listed above.
“Encyclopedia of Physical Education and Sport in Romania”, Volume I, published in 2002, is a little more generous and we complement information 8th decade of the twentieth century. Here it says that from 1963 until the Revolution, hockey grass was not supported by the communist authorities, considered the preserve of the bourgeois classes. Only after the country’s democratization federation was re-established specialist in the time recalled hockey grass with only sporadic activities, informal, besides some businesses. Basically, hockey on grass continued to exist as an appendix of a federation Polisport they were bundled ice hockey, skating and hockey on grass. So it should surprise us Romanians’ lack of culture in relation to grass hockey? Not at all. This noble sport is just collateral damage of the social system. Rugby, for example, was on the brink of the same fate, but Gheorghe Gheorghiu-Dej or Petru Groza, oval ball fanatics have kept alive the sport. Hockey grass was not such a promoter …
Moscow initiated the destructive, then …

It is quite clear that the “death” grass hockey Romanian in seven decade of the twentieth century occurred probably received instructions from Moscow. However, I believe that the main culprits are not the Soviets, who reworked the same period stance hockey.
As in Britain, the first steps in hockey were made in the former Soviet Union, women in the period 1933-1935. There were two teams in the interwar period Muscovite, who played the matches regularly. They were called Dinamo and Burevestnik. This sport discipline but did not take the scale, then the war came and all was forgotten.
After establishing peace in March 1954 grass hockey reborn from the cooperation between the Embassy of India in Moscow and union champion in ice hockey, ŢDSA. An important factor was the likeness of bandy, a very popular sport in the former USSR.
A superb game occurred when, in 1954, in the foyer of the Moscow Central House of the Army, on the dance floor with wood surface. In summer, in July, the demonstrations continued outside on the basketball and tennis. Hockey on grass grew in the Soviet space since then and a year later was the first championship organized union, with the participation of eight teams from Moscow, Leningrad, Arkhangelsk, Voronezh, Estonia, Lithuania or Azerbaijan.
In 1956, Indians in Moscow bring other clubs and balls, as well as specialists to rank spectacular game, but chaotic. That same year, the men’s team USSR supports a “dual” friendly with Poland, with a draw, 1-1, and failed, 0-1.
A heavy blow is the non-participation in the Olympic Games in Melbourne in 1956. The Soviet authorities angry and inexplicably ordered non-participation in the World Youth and Students Festival, organized even in Moscow in 1957. The support is withdrawn and “trend” field includes several communist countries, including Romania.
Reverting to feel better only in 1967 with the intention of participating in the Olympic Games 1968. The Soviets will be admitted under the aegis Olympics until 1980, when both teams, male and female, bronze medals. Of course, the performance was facilitated by the boycott of capitalist countries, who were absent, but remain medals to his name.
In particular, the Soviet women’s team received the support of film director Valentina Gemma Firsov or Kurbatov, emblematic figures of those times. In 1981, the girls achieved world bronze in Argentina and in 1984 taking silver at the European Championship. Other two bronze medals are won them the 1987 and 1991 editions continental After the collapse of the Soviet Union, Russia inherited record that continues a series of actions to popularize hockey on grass. The results appear very soon. Thus, the women’s team became European vice-champion in 2000 and juniors under 16 wins team title in 2003. continent male youth under 21 also becomes European champion in 2004 and obtained the right to participate in the World Cup in 2005. Currently Federation Russian hockey has an online radio station, where regular shows and broadcasts live broadcasts of the games in domestic competitions.

Grass hockey international

Grass hockey is played in two versions. The outdoor between two teams of 11 players each, and one in the room, practiced between teams which consist of six athletes. Starting this year, the International Federation (FIH) has reduced the number of players at the indoor version, 5, and national competitions, in 2014, will operate after this rule.
Across the globe, grass hockey is very developed in South Asia, in India and Pakistan. The two nuclear forces are old rivals, matches between them reaching incredible levels of interest. Antipodean in Australia and New Zealand, hockey is very tasted and in Europe poles Netherlands, Germany, France, Spain and even Russia. South Americans in particular are based on Argentina, a country where hockey is widespread grass. World Championship will take place in the Netherlands in The Hague in late May and the first half of June 2014.

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