It bets on Game of Thrones! How do the odds before Episode 3 for the next character killed

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The series Game of Thrones has attracted the attention of bookmakers who offer odds still spectacular action from Season 6.

Bovada Agency prohibited in Romania, has not stopped bets on the show, although already aired two episodes. Simply update them every Monday quotas for the next major character will die. After the resurrection of Jon Snow, Alliser Thorne became favorite to be cut from the list of active characters in the show.

It was closed in the dungeons of Castle Black and is unlikely to remain there life after the return of Jon Snow. Especially since he orchestrated his murder. Game of Thrones propose but many surprises.

How do the odds

Thorne 3.50 Alliser
Jorah Mormont 7.00
Lady Melisandre 7.00
Ramsay Bolton (Snow) 9.00
Theon Greyjoy 11.00
Sparrow High 16.00
Sansa Stark 19.00
Daario Naharis 19.00
Loras Tyrell 19.00
Payne Podrick 21.00
Brienne of Tarth 21.00
Tommen Baratheon 21.00
Grey Worm 26.00
Sand Ellaria 26.00
Margaery Tyrell 26.00
Missanda 31.00
31.00 Davos
Jaime Lannister 34.00
Drogon 46.00
Tyrell Olenna 46.00
Bronnitsa 51.00
Petyr Baelish 51.00
Lord Varys 51.00
Samwell Tarly 67.00
Tyrion Lannister 76.00
Cersei Lannister 76.00
Jaquen H’ghar 76.00
Arya Stark 101.00
Daenerys Targaryen 101.00

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