• Enjoy our Livescore service, it is unique and totally free. We have a large selection of soccer games worldwide to follow live.
  • In SBOBET Soccer Picks we know how important its to follow a live game, especially if we have a bet on the game. Our Livescore service offers all visitors the advantage of watching multiple games simultaneously.
  • It is a full service, games not only show the result and goals, but also show the most important statistics that are happening throughout the entire game. With all that sensitive live data we can make another type of bet during the game if needed.
  • The great advantage of using the livescore service we provide in SBOBET Soccer Picks is to follow a lot of soccer leagues at same time. Not only live scores from the major soccer leagues, also we show second division leagues, regional and local. It’s a huge advantage, having all the leagues in one place, almost any web site offers such a comprehensive service like ours.

How to use it?

    • When visiting the section livescore on our website SBOBET Soccer Picks you must wait for it to load the games and seek for the country or soccer league you need watch live.
    • For a complete reading of the live game you can click on the desired game and a popup window will open with more details on the live soccer game in question. You can see statistics like cards and faults, changes of players and anything else that occurs during play time.

sbo livescore

    • If you want to follow only specific games and sort only the games that interests you, then you must click on the box with the plus sign at the end of the listing game. This way your favorite games will be arranged in one tab and you can see them all together in one place.

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  • Our live football scores  service in SBOBET Soccer Picks has several advantages when used to follow the live games, but not only serves to follow the game, also has other interesting features.
  • 1. On the first tab of All Matches you can watch all the games that are close to begin during the day or the next day.
  • 2. The second tab called LIVE shows all games live at the moment and gives you the opportunity to live betting on every match.
  • 3. One of the most important tabs is called ODDS, on this tab you can verify if there’s any movement in betting lines of any kind.
  • With all these advantages at hand we can say that the livescores service in SBOBET Soccer Picks is one of the best to watch the games and bet lines.
  • In soccer you can have much advantage when games are seen live. This can help us to read the behavior of the game and place live bets depending on what we see during the game. It is for this reason that we recommend to all our visitors use the livescore service of our website to take an edge over the bookmaker and g better financial results.