Three winter sports, good health


Winter is the time that you relax and enjoy a well deserved holiday with family and friends. That does not mean you have an excuse not to move, especially since you entice holiday meals with lots of goodies. If you are bored practiced gymnastics at home, try some new sports that keep you in shape.

One of the most important advantages of sports that you can practice winter is that it protects your heart and help to prevent cardiovascular disease through mere presence of snow that makes you deposit more effort.

There is even a study by the Canadian Heart Foundation and Heart Attack Prevention, which showed that any winter sport you choose to do, you get a reduction in risk of heart disease or stroke.

1. Skating relieves stress

Regardless of the age that you have, skating brings a lot of health benefits. Helps you be more flexible, agile body increases your strength, balance and strengthens muscles you.

Beyond these advantages, recent research has revealed that skating gives you benefits and mental order. Skating, get rid of anxiety, worry and stress.

2. Want to lose weight? Make skiing!

If you go to the mountains and skiing advantage. Despite the muscle soreness you may do it after hours spent on skis, you’ll get a better flexibility of the limbs, shoulders and back. Skiing snow make work more muscle groups, such as the thigh, you hind, have legs, arms (biceps and triceps).

Moreover, it intensifies metabolism and helps you burn 500 to 600 calories in an hour. In order not to risk being hurt yourself or get dehydrated make sure you:
– Do not exhaust yourself skiing hours without break

– Ask the help of a ski coach, whether you’re a beginner (so avoid muscle strains)

– Drink tea or water to hydrate yourself

– Have suitable equipment for that prolonged exposure to cold can make you get to hiportemie

3. snowbording strengthens muscles

One of the favorite sports as a leisure activity, snowbording has gained ground in the last 20 years. Fits perfectly families with children who use to go to the mountains the holiday.

It is much easier to learn and unlike many ski and strengthens muscle groups.

When you snowbording, use of the calf muscles and legs to guide plate, ankle and the leg muscles to maintain direction and abdominal muscles for stability.


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